Welcome to the Meadow Ridge Rotary Club! 

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First, let me express that I am humbly honoured that the Meadow Ridge Rotary Club members have chosen me to assume the 2016-2017 Presidential role for our Rotary Club. A position requiring guidance, understanding and motivational skills, ensuring all our Rotary project efforts, which are initiated by same members, are the very best and FUN too! The many very rewarding successes will follow, we all know they do........  

This will be the second Presidential position in my Rotary journey and it is the scariest yet! I am feeling the pressure to ensure my responsibilities and duties to this club will be fulfilled to my very best ability.
During my first presidential year, we still had a fairly large membership, but this time our club is smaller. Not that it matters, our members and club still require the same patience, guidance and dedication in all areas of service. One of our focuses is to attract new members, individuals looking to give back to their community and the world and be part of our committed group of Rotarian's to draw from for events and other Rotary projects. My experience has always been.........,Meadow Ridge Rotarians will be there to back each other up!

Rotary in the past few years has been undergoing many changes. The additional streamlining and availability of information & projects is vast. If it be a community, a vocational, environmental, youth, senior or international project, Rotary has something for every Rotarian's interest.

Rotary's strength and success for over 100 years always has been, as it is now, its members. The size of the club does not matter. It is the enthusiasm and dedication to the Four Way Test and Service Above Self motto that make ordinary people extraordinary Rotary members. And that is exactly what we have in our Meadow Ridge Rotary Club! Our members will siege every opportunity to recognize the needs of our own community and the needs of those in countries all over the world. They then devote their time and efforts to Rotary to make a difference and thereby experience the privilege and personal feeling of pride and satisfaction to have been a part of such an extraordinary and powerful organization, called Rotary International.

2016-2017 Rotary International President, John Germ has chosen the theme for our Rotary year to be “Rotary Serving Humanity”, which will also be the focus of the Rotary Club of Meadow Ridge.
Rotarians all over the world will answer the call to Serve Humanity............. will you join us?
Our meetings are held every Tuesday between 12 noon and 1pm, at the Bella Vita Restaurant in Maple Ridge. We produce a weekly newsletter, or check out our very informative website, available to you if you are interested to find out more about this awesome worldwide service organization.....or are maybe considering the possibility of becoming a Rotarian yourself. 

Contact me, I would be happy to sit down, grab a coffee and answer all your questions!
Ineke Boekhorst
2016-2017 President – Rotary Club of Meadow Ridge